Sanxia & Yingee Ceramics Tour
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    • Trip Duration: Approximately 6 hours
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      Roundtrip from hotel or downtown.


Sanxia Cingshuei Zushih Temple → Sanxia Old Street → Yingge ceramics Museum → Yingge Ceramics Old Street
  • Sanxia Cingshuei Zushih Temple

    Originally called Changfu Yan, Sanxia Zushih Temple has been the center of belief of local people since mid-Qing Dynasty. After refurbishing two times, the third renovation was designed by Li Mei-shu, a renowned painter. With his dream, he restored the temple by introducing many new construction methods. Learning from the merits of Japanese and European architecture, he added many engravings and ornaments to the temple. All the themes of the art works were adapted from Chinese and Taiwanese classics and folklore. No wonder people praise it as the hall of art. In ordinary times, the temple is always packed with worshippers. In the 6th day of the First month of the Lunar Calendar, there is a swine contest to celebrate the birthday of the master. On that occasion, the temple and its square is packed by worshipers and visitors, adding much festive mood to the neighborhood. The farmers of the swine that win the contest take the pig on tour to show respect and offer the swine to the god. It is said that if people touch the swine’s hair, they will become wiser. Those that touch its nose will enjoy peace and happiness throughout the year. Meanwhile, people that eat the pork will have good luck all year round. We welcome you all to join this festival during the Chinese New Year.

  • Sanxia Old Street

    During holidays, Sanxia Old Street is always packed with visitors. On the street, there are many old buildings built in the period of the Japanese rule. Blending Baroque style with southern Fujianese design, these buildings are archaic and magnificent. On their walls, carved patterns and pictures tell people of their past glories. In the street everything, such as sewer covers, door plates, sign boards, and stalls, is nostalgic. Walking into the street, visitors seem to travel through time to see is past. In the Old Street, many gourmet snacks, such as pork chop rice, ice soy pudding, ice cream, pork blood pudding, croissants, and more, are served. You won’t want to miss them.

  • Yingge Ceramics Museum

    The Yingge Ceramics Museum is the first professional pottery museum in Taiwan. First planned by Magistrate Yu Ching, the museum was finally completed after 12 years of construction with efforts of 3 magistrates. The museum opened on November 26, 2000. The museum is made up with modern constructing materials and transparent glass, presenting a limitless sense of space and the beauty of simplicity. The special structure also enhances the exhibition. The Yingge Ceramics Museum presents 200 years of ceramic techniques and folk culture in Taiwan. At the same time, the museum also has educational function with its modern technology, making it an ideal place for families to visit at leisure. This museum is not for Yingge citizens alone; it also shows how the Taiwanese have endeavored to achieve what we are today. It is a historic and cultural emblem; moreover, it is also place for the peace of mind.

  • Yingge Ceramics Old Street

    Yingge was called Geshi in the past, because there was a bird-shaped stone near the town. After World War II, the government named this place. The so-called Ge Old Street is Jianshanpu Rd. After reconstruction, the old street has become a modern street, along which are pottery and porcelain shops. Though the old street no longer has its antique looks, some ancient buildings can still be found in Yingge Town. The new street is paved with beautiful rocks. Visitors can not only appreciate the pottery and porcelain works, but they can also enjoy the street performance and coffee on the street.

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Important Notes

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