Tamsui & Fort San Domingo
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★Tamsui Fort San Domingo → ★Little White House → Oxford College → Tamsui Church → Tamsui old street → Blueway → Bali Left Bank Park
  • Tamsui Fort San Domingo

    Fort San Domingo, located on the hilltop overlooking Tamsui River estuary, was established by the Spanish in 1628. It was torn down by the Spanish before they were expelled from Tamsui by the Dutch in 1642. The Dutch then built Fort Antonio near the ruins of Fort San Domingo. Since the local inhabitants in Tamsui at the time referred to the Dutch as “red hair savages,” the fort was nicknamed “Hong Mao Chen,” meaning the "Red Hair Fortress." In reference to the early Spanish occupation, we now use the original Spanish name Fort San Domingo to represent the historic site, although the actual castle we see today is the Dutch fortress Fort Antonio. Fort Antonio is a two story cube-shaped building, measuring 15.25 meters on all four sides while standing 13 meters tall. The deep foundation, thick walls, and mix of stones and bricks provide the fort with strong and effective fortification. Following the Opium War, the British government leased the fort from the Qing government for their consulate. Modifications were made accordingly for consular business. To accommodate the needs of the consul’s family, the consular residence was then built on the eastern side of the fort. This Victorian building was constructed with red bricks and features verandas as well as a four-sided steep roof, providing a warm and delicate atmosphere. The fusion and influence of Dutch and British architecture has painted the “Green Hill” and surroundings with a unique balanced quality.

  • Tamsui Customs Officer's Residence ( Little White House )

    In 1858, following the Second Opium War, Taiwan was forced to open its ports for trade under the Beijing and the Tienjin Treaties. Four years later, a customs office was established in Tamsui following the opening of Tamsui Port. Initially, there were only a few foreign customs officers, most of whom lived in the customs office building or rental houses nearby. Tamsui Customs administration then purchased a piece of land in 1866 and subsequently started building official staff residences in 1869.

  • Oxford College

    After sharing his accomplishments in the far east with the people of his Canadian hometown, Rev. Mackay returned to Taiwan in 1882 and established an educational institution using the donations he received from his Oxford County. In honor to the contributors, the college was named “Oxford College”. Rev. Mackay employed modern educational systems utilizing the most advanced technology of the times to inspire students. He introduced them to western thinking and cutting edge scientific knowledge, further broadening their worldview. As a result, Tamsui became the fountain of western education in Taiwan.

  • Tamsui Church

    A fter Dr. Mackay arrived in Tamsui, he began missionary work and Tamsui became the origin of Presbyterian Church in Northern Taiwan. The church has a Gothic feel to it, with the glazed windows, bell tower, pointed arches and spires. The brickwork is exceptional, too. Since it was established in 1933, there has not been any dilapidation, and it is still a place where people go for service. Every Christmas, the church is greatly decorated, and visitors come and take pictures.

  • Tamsui Old Street

    Tamsui used to be called Huwei. It is a derivation from the ancient tongue Hoba. It means the river outlet. Tamsui is located in northwest of Taipei basin. Tamsui is surrounded by mountains and rivers and the scenery is beautiful. Walking on the old streets along the riverbank, visitors may view the old buildings and may try the tasty local dishes, such as fish dumplings, Agei (fried meat pastry) and hard eggs, etc. The dock is a good place for marvelous sunset viewing. Visitors can also take the boat ride between Tamsui and Bali. Anyone would love to watch the flying cranes and listen to the river flowing.

  • Blueway

    You can see one of the famous view “sunset in Tamsui” at Fish erman Wharf. You can take the boat go through the “Blue Way” to Tamsui Old Street.

  • Bali Left Bank Park

    Left Bank Park is on the left bank of the Tamsui River. It is 280 M long and features Left Bank Conference Hall, Left Bank Pier and the Old Banyan Pillbox. The expansive park has a river view and it is on the Bali Left Bank Bike Trail continuum and there are plenty of places to rent a bicycle.

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