Tainan Ancient Capital Day Tour
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      Roundtrip from Tainan high speed rail station or Hotels in Tainan
      Chihkan Tower:US$2
      Eternal Golden Castle:US$1
      Anping Old Fort:US$2
      Former Talt & Co.:US$2
      Anping Tree House:US$2


Wu Yuan Yiwen Center → Chihkan Tower → Tainan Grand Matsu Temple → Confucius Temple → Tainan Gourmet 4 to 1 (Ai Zai Cheng Shrimp Rice、Zhuojia Shantou fush noodles、A Han salt porridge、Fushenghao Rice Cake) → Eternal Golden Castle → Anping Old Fort → Yanping Street Old Well → Former Julius Mannich & Co. → Former Talt & Co. → Anping Tree House → Sunset Platform → Four Grass Bridge
  • Wu Yuan Yiwen Center

    National Tainan Social Education Hall was formerly the Wu Park built by local gentleman Wu Shang-xin during the Daoguang Period of the Qing Dynasty. It was reconstructed as the Tainan Official Residence during the Japanese Occupation Period and later renamed as the Tainan Meeting Hall, which acted as an important gathering place for the citizens at the time. After WWII, it became the Zhongshan Hall and in 1955, it was renamed the Provincial Social Education Hall and renovations were conducted. Today, only part of the garden is preserved.

  • Chihkan Tower

    Built by the Dutch in 1653,the Tower was once known as “Fort Provintia” and the Han People also called it ”Chihkan Tower” ,“Red Haired Tower.” The Tower’s walls, made of red bricks, are adhered by a specially designed cement mixture, made of sticky rice, sugared water and oyster shell cement; thereby, the Tower withstands time.
    When there are examinations, students often come here and pray Kuei Xin Ye,the god who guards students, for good grades. The pen held in Kuei Xin Ye’s hand was therefore often stolen.
    Now you can buy Kuei Xin Ye’s pen at the souvenir department and it is very popular.

  • Tainan Grand Matsu Temple

    It was originally the place of Emperor Ning Jing of the Ming Dynasty, and also the first Mazu temple named as Queen of Heaven in Taiwan.

  • Confucius Temple

    As it was once also called "Sian Shi Shemg Temple" (literally, it suggests that the temple pays homage to the greated teacher in the world), Tainan Confucius Temple is the first in Taiwan memorizes Confucius. In the Ming Dynasty, Yong-hua Chen, Koxinga's chief counselor, advised to build the temple. The Temple, run by the governments, was also the first and highest academy in Taiwan teaching Confucianism during the Ming and Cing dynasties. One of the most important commemorative rituals to be done during the Confucius Cultural Festival held in the Teacher's Day is celebrating Confucius' birthday. There are 38 things needed to be done before completing the ritual. The confucius Cultureal Festival.

  • Tainan Gourmet 4 to 1 (Ai Zai Cheng Shrimp Rice、Zhuojia Shantou fush noodles、A Han salt porridge、Fushenghao Rice Cake)

    Ai Zai Cheng shrimp Rice
    Zhuo Shantou Fish Noodle
    A-Hang salty porridge
    Fushenghao Rice Cake

  • Eternal Golden Castle

    It used to be calles Erkunshen Artillery Fort. It has a plague inscribed with "Eternal Golden Castle.

  • Anping Old Fort

    The oldest fort in Tauwan. It used to be called Fort Zeelandia or Taiwan City.

  • Yanping Street Old Well

    Yanping street which is right next to Anping Fort is the first road Dutch people constructed about three hundred years ago, also being called '' the first street in Taiwan.

  • Former Julius Mannich & Co.

    Foreign firm was permitted by Cing Court that they can operate a trading company in Canton before Opium War. It was the industry that foreign trader set for their business. With the Tianjin Treaty between China-England, China-French, the Cing court opened trading ports of Mainland China including Anping and Danshuei in Taiwan to foreign ships.
    In 1862, Dansuei first open its port.And two years later, Anping started to operate. At that time, there were 5 biggest foreign companies – the Tait & Co.,the Bain & Co., Bovd & Co., Julius Mannich & Co.and Wright & Co.. Until 1893, it was said to be the most prosperous 30 years. After Taiwan was ceded to Japen in 1895, the Japanese government took back the monopoly for opium and camphor and only left sugar to them. The foreign companies business decreased dramatically. The Julius Mannich & Co. announced its closure.
    In 1901, Japanese government set up Tainan Hall, Anping Branch in here.And in 1920, Anping branch was dissolved and the original place became the Tainan Police Office, Anping Branch. After the restoration of Taiwan, once it was the dormitory of Salt Works.And after 1986, it was changed to the memorial hall of Anping Trading history to exhibit the relative documentation about the trading of Anping.

  • Anping Tree House

    It ws the original warehouse for British trading company Tait & Co. The aerial rools and branches of trees wrapped around the building, combind with soil, red brick and partial concrete wall creates an unusualsight.

  • Sunset Platform

    It has become one of the hottest spots for pre-wedding phone shooting with ocean scenery and a good place to appreciate the glorious moon.

  • Sicao Bridge

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