Taiwan Taxi Go Go Go - Jinshan (Jin Mountain) District Tour
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    • Trip Duration: Approximately 8 hours
    • Language: Chinese
    • Trip Characteristics:

      Roundtrip from hotel or downtown.
      ★Juming Museum : USD$10/p.p


Yangmingshan National Park → ★Juming Museum → Teresa Teng Memorial Park → Jinshan Old Street
  • Yangmingshan National Park

    Yangmingshan National Park is located in the north of Beitou. Yangmingshan was called Caoshan (Grass Mountain) during Japanese occupation of Taiwan, because it was covered with grass and seldom visited. Total area of the park is 125 hectares, designed in traditional Chinese style. The natural beauty of the part has won it the reputation as urban forest and the Taipei garden. The park is characterized by a large clock made of flowers with a diameter of 22 feet. Water runs around the flower clock and music is played every hour. The clock is the characteristic of Yangming Park. Opposite the clock is a statue of late president Chiang Kai-Shek; on both sides of the statue are the cypresses planted by president Chiang himself. The Xinhai Guangfu Building was completed in 1971, right in the center of the park. In addition, there is a statue of Wang Yang Ming, the famous Chinese scholar in the 17th century.

  • Juming Museum

    Juming, a Taiwanese sculptor renowned internationally, established this museum in 1999. At the beginning, he was only trying to find a place to store his large sculptures, but was later inspired by the natural surrounding of Jinshan, and decided to build a park of art, not just to display his works, but also to serve as a venue for creativity of artists.

  • Teresa Teng Memorial Park

    A visit to Jinbaoshan will probably change your conventional impression of cemeteries being solemn, awe-inspiring places. This park is not just for religious needs, it is also a park of art. There are more than a thousand Buddha statues in the “Thousand-Buddha Cave,” designed by the famous sculptor Juming, and carved by dozens of distinguished craftsmen over several years. There are also other monuments, and sculptures of some very famous people who rest here in peace.

  • Jinshan Old Street

    Jinbaoli Old Street, also called Jinshan Old Street, is the only existing commercial street from the Qing Dynasty on the northern coast. Buildings of traditional style can still be seen here. The old houses near Cihu Temple are joined residences, with columns and roofs combining the architectural features of Southern Fujian and Western buildings. Today, the street is still the most important commercial area on the northern coast, with a lot more flavors of tourist attractions and local specialties such as yam cakes, baked yam, and the renowned duck meat. The street is always crowded on holidays.

The Feature of Taiwan Taxi

  • Professional driver-guides with an average experience of 5 years.
  • GPS dispatch + 3G (GPS, GPRS, GIS) taxi service + 24-hour monitoring service for riding safety.
  • Largest brand/number of taxi (around 6,000 taxis) available for service and largest scale of operation with service provided in Taiwan.
  • SOS emergency assistance.

Price Includes

  • Chinese-Speaking driver-guide service.
  • Roundtrip Taipei hotel/downtown area transfer.
  • Price is based on distance by per car and maximum seating capacity for 4 passengers.
  • Executing compulsory insurance up to NT$ 16 million/p.car. And each passenger will be insured accidental insurance of NT$ 2 million and accidental medical insurance of NT$ 200 thousand.

Extra Cost Items

  • Meal plan, souvenir, ★admission fee and gratuity ($20-30/p.car recommended)
  • Extended Hours(if need): $30/p.hour/p.car
  • English/Japanese-Speaking driver-guide can be requested. ($40/p.car)
  • Transfer : $60/oneway/p.car (airport ← → hotel)
  • Escort Tour Guide service : $45/p.car
  • All rates are not valid during the 2020 CHINESE NEW YEAR. Price will be increased $25 for transfer service/one way, $45 for each tour period 24Jan-29Jan 2020.

Important Notes

  • Please provide your booking# and passport copy when you get in taxi.
  • Majestic Vacations reserves the right to amend itinerary and price.
  • Taiwan Taxi reserves the right to substitute, alter or modify the tour if any unexpected and unforeseen conditions beyond our control preventing the completion of such. Conditions can include weather, traffic jam, traffic accident and car equipment problems.

Cancellation Policy

  • 100% penalty ,7 days or less days prior to departure.
  • $30 penalty up to 8 days before prior to departure.
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