Taichung culture / Summit Resort / Lavender Cottage Day Tour
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      Roundtrip from Taichung high speed rail station or Hotels in Taichung
      Xinshe Summit Resort:US$9
      Lavender Cottage:US$7


Taichung Metropolitan Opera House → Xinshe Summit Resort → Mushroom Garden → Lavender Cottage → Miyahara
  • Taichung Metropolitan Opera House

    National Taichung Theater is a continuation of the 1987 completion of the National Concert Hall and Theater. After nearly 30 years since the first opening of a national performance venue, NTT is a 21st-century cultural facility that is not only a new landmark in the city, but also represents a cultural step forward.
    Taichung is located in the geographical heart of Taiwan and is a city with a storied, profound cultural heritage. Now, for this city's energetic, lively, and ambitious people, we have created this stunning world-class performance and exhibition facility.
    In 2005, the Pritzker Architecture Prize winner, Toyo Ito, won the extremely competitive international contest to design our theater, besting contestants from 13 countries, and delivering to us this magnificent 21st-century artistic venue.

  • Xinshe Summit Resort

    Situated high up in the mountains in Xinshe, Taichung City 新社台中, you will an unique castle in European style with a large garden, lake and waterfall. Although the castle is reminiscent of an ancient Eurporean castle, it was not built and left behind by the Europeans. So, the castle was definitely not a century old.
    Its origin was left ambiguous, even on its website. No one seems to know who built the castle or why was it built. Perhaps, someone just decided that it will be a great idea to build a castle high up in the mountains.
    Please note that there are no accommodation in the attraction even though it is called a resort.

  • Mushroom Garden

    Mushroom Garden is also a successful business after the Xinshe Tourism Promotion Program. The weather of this hilly area is humid and cool, which is perfect for mushroom cultivation and this place has long been a mushroom business area. After the program, many people come here to open restaurants or recreation parks to attract people coming here, and Mushroom Garden is one of the best.
    You can pluck, eat, or buy mushrooms here. There is a mushroom green house with guides explaining how mushrooms are grown and how different mushrooms are made into different products. You will certainly be amazed with this many kinds of edible mushrooms here! You can also pluck fresh ones and cook them later. When you come here, you shall never miss all kinds of different mushroom dishes. Mushroom sausage, fried Eryngii mushrooms, mushroom with minced pork rice, and mushroom soup are all made with freshly plucked mushroom right on the spot. All of these activities make Mushroom Garden a great place to relax and have fun!

  • Lavender Cottage

    Lavender Cottage was established by two young ladies who quit their jobs in Taipei and Kaohsiung to pursue a purple lavender dream. So, they bought a remote hill in nowhere, where there was no phone connectivity or tourists and started to grow lavenders. It was difficult, but after years of hard work and determination, they fulfilled their dream. They have successfully built a romantic hideaway where visitors could enjoy their own private moments without much disturbance. A Lavender Cottage, a dreamy garden, completed with its own restaurants, shops, merchandises and accommodation.

  • Miyahara

    Miyahara Eye Hospital, a new tourist attraction at Central district of Taichung, is actually an ice cream joint. It was an eye clinic built by a Japanese optometrist- Miyahara (Gong Yuan) during the time of the Japanese occupation. It is a 2-story red brick building with arch designed passageway, which was the largest eye clinic in Taichung at that time. In 1945, the building was levied by government and became the Taichung Health Center; however, later it was identified as dangerous post-earthquake building after 921 earthquakes and became an obsolete remnant.
    Miyahara Eye Hospital is set at Central District of Taichung, where is the recessional commercial area for decades. The renovation of this relic is not only to establish a flagship store for “Dawn Cake” (日出蛋糕), but also to accomplish a dream of this construction team, restoring the prosperity of Central District of Taichung. Also, the owner hopes that this ancient building would pass down memories and spirits of the history had happened in this sector to young generations. Just as expect, since Miyahara Eye Hospital reopened on December of 2011, it attracts attention of local and international tourists, as well as the government officers here for observation and inspection; the store is full of visitors every day from the morning to the evening.
    A unique interior design is another appealing focal point. Based on the original clinic and pharmacy design blends in with the essential concept of reading and books in their interior design, the store is fitted with high ceiling, light-brown wooden wall book cabinets, medicine chests and warm lighting in creating tranquility and a library atmosphere. Many constructional materials were specifically retained from original building such as wood pillars, bricks and roof tiles reveal an ancient and historical ambience. With the reading encouragement purpose, books are the main decorations in the store, as well as the book’s outfit design of gift box makes guests feel like they are in the library. The store of “Dawn Cake” (日出蛋糕) is renowned of its native pineapple cake, cheese cake and other culinary products, so that it is a perfect souvenir as gift when people visit Taichung.

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